Ayuruveda Herbal Samahan Tea Cough & Cold remedy

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Ayurveda Herbal Samahan Tea Drink for Cough & Cold remedy

Samahan is 100% natural herbal remedy trusted by millions of consumers all over the world for the prevention and relief of cold and cold-related symptoms

                 Link Samahan is a clinically proven, wholly natural, safe, and effective preparation for the relief of cold and catarrh-related symptoms. Extensive clinical trials have confirmed that regular use helps prevent 15 common symptoms related to upper respiratory complications. This, the company’s major research achievement and its flagship product, received “Super brand” status in 2007. It continues to dominate the market as a first-choice instant cold remedy.

                 Link Samahan, is a 100% authentic herbal formulation that is available in instantly soluble granules that comprise extracts of Medicinal plants used in the traditional Peyawa Formulations. Link Samahan is an over-the-counter standardized preparation widely used for over 19 years, both in Sri Lanka and overseas.


Therapeutic Effects

Efficacy of daily intake of one sachet of Link Samahan in reducing the incidence and severity of 15 upper respiratory symptoms associated with catarrh and colds, such as

  •  excessive sneezing
  • nasal congestion
  • watery nasal discharge
  • scratchy throat
  • hoarseness of voice
  • cough
  • throat pain
  • feverishness
  • headache
  • itchy eyes and tearing
  • itchy ears and blocked ears
  • tiredness
  • body pains
  • loss of appetite
  •  difficulties in day-to-day work

It  has been firmly established in a clinical trial. The findings of this trial are published in Ceylon Medical Journal 2012:57:21-32.


Adhatoda vasica Nees. (Acanthaceae), Alpinia galanga Willd. (Zingiberaceae), Carum copticum Benth & Hook. (Apiaceae), Coriandrum sativum Linn. (Apiaceae), Coscinium fenestratum (Gaertn.) Colebr. (Menispermaceae), Cuminum cyminum Linn. (Apiaceae), Evolvulus alsinoides Linn. (Convolvulaceae),Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. (Fabaceae), Hedyotis herbaceae (Linn.) Lam. (Rubiaceae), Piper longum Linn. (Piperaceae), Piper nigrum Linn. (Piperaceae), Premna herbacea Roxb. (Verbenaceae), Solanum xanthocarpum Schrade. & Wendl. (Solanaceae), Zingiber officinale Roscoe. (Zingiberaceae)

Direction for use

To prevent cold and catarrh related symptoms, use one sachet of Link Samahan a day with milk, tea, hot water or preferred hot beverage. At the first sign of cold or catarrhal symptoms, take 1-2 sachets of Link Samahan 3-4 times a day.


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8 reviews for Ayuruveda Herbal Samahan Tea Cough & Cold remedy

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  1. I had this product line shared with me 3 years ago. It’s the only tea I drink now. As a coffee lover, this tea and the combination of herbs is solid enough that it provides a favorite warm drink. I highly recommend this brand. note that I’m also sure it wards off illness, colds, and flu

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  2. This is a great way to mitigate cold and flu symptoms. I have been using this for a while now.

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  3. Highly effective herbal tea for when you start feeling unwell. I don’t drink it every day but if I feel unwell (throat feeling ticklish or body feels feverish) I drink it twice per day until it passes.

    Great product! Glad it is being provided for easy order and delivery from Fozera.com

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  4. A great addition to coffee and It’s a very good drink especially when you have a cold

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  5. I love this tea. It is strong and very good tasting. You can tell there’s a lot in it. I’m on my second box I hope I can find it always.

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  6. I fell in love with this tea after I made a trip to Sri Lanka. I am so glad that I can buy them in Fozera. It is not expensive either. The taste, packaging, shipping, everything is great as expected!

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  7. This stuff works better than any over the counter cold medicine I’ve ever tried. If you’re stuffed up this really gives you relief and makes you breath easier. I made my mom try and she was skeptical and thought it tasted awful but she was very happy how it made her chest feel clearer. It didn’t make her cold go away but she felt much more comfortable when she had a cup of this in the morning and evening.

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  8. Great tea and fast delivery! The tea comes in a crystal like form rather than a tea bag which I genuinely appreciate. (perhaps the pepper or all of them combined) the taste is amazing! I’ve been drinking two sachets a day. Will definitely be repurchasing!

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Ayuruveda Herbal Samahan Tea Cough & Cold remedy Ayuruveda Herbal Samahan Tea Cough & Cold remedy
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